Workers’ Compensation Resources

Division of Industrial Relations

The Department of Industrial Relations was established to improve working conditions for California's wage earners, and to advance opportunities for profitable employment in California.

Workers' Compensation Appeals Board

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) exercises all judicial powers vested by the Labor Code in a reasonable and sound manner and provides guidance and leadership to the workers’ compensation community through case opinions and regulations.

California Workers' Compensation Institute

Employers can order mandatory pamphlets “Facts for Injured Workers”, DWC-1 Claim Forms and Mandatory Postings.

Medical Provider Network

A Medical Provider Network (MPN) is a group of health care providers (physicians and other specialists) used by your employer to treat workers injured on the job. NBSIA contracts with Networks By Design, Inc. You may access medical care by calling the Medical Assist line at (877) 854-3353 or by going to the website at


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