Auxiliary Coverage for Groups & Clubs

Groups that are recognized by the Member, for activities under the direct supervision of a Member’s employee are now a “covered party”. Covered parties include: Student Body, Extracurricular, Co-curricular Organizations and Clubs, and their student members, and volunteers,including unincorporated Volunteer Groups.

Nationally affiliated, incorporated, or 501(c)(3) groups have their own insurance and are not included in the coverage provided by NBSIA.   Please refer to the Risk Managment Best Practices for 501C3 Groups

A new form has been created to assist school sites with identifying these groups.

Click Here to Download the Form 

If you have any questions about this new coverage, please contact:

Colleen Abney, by email,, or by phone (707) 428-1830 ext 103
Heather Davidson, by email,, or by phone (707) 428-1830 ext 104