Dixon High School


NBSIA’s goal is to work closely with our Members to assist them in Risk Management and early claim resolution to reduce costs and help maintain a good image for the District. 

Use the link below to download important Claim guidlines:

Property/Liability Claim & Incident Reporting Guidelines

There are three key areas where cooperation and teamwork are critical:

Timely Reporting

Timely reporting is essential in the event of any property, auto or liability claim. It is important that the NBSIA office receive immediate notice of any death, serious injury or potential liability situation. Likewise, it is very important that NBSIA receive immediate notice of any serious property loss.

Preservation of Evidence

Damaged property, and photos, can be very useful.

Keeping Records

Remember to fill out the appropriate form. Completion of the appropriate form is required. They are to be considered confidential and for the exclusive use of the Districts and North Bay Schools Insurance Authority.

Please click here for Property/Liability Forms

Department Contact:

Property and Liability Claims Manager
Colleen Abney
Phone: (707) 428-1830, ext. 103

Property and Liability Claims Examiner
Heather Davidson
Phone: (707) 428-1830, ext. 104