Risk Managing Field Trips

Risk Managing Field Trips

Voluntary field trips or excursions are made in connection with courses of instruction or school related social, educational, cultural or athletic activities and are authorized by Education Code Section 35330.  Since these trips involve taking groups of students off campus, there are laws that must be followed and safeguards that must be taken to provide for their safety. 

Please be mindful of the your Memorandum of Liability Coverage which applies a "special activities" $7,500 District deductible to a liability claim/lawsuit involving such ‘high risk’ activities such as snow trips, water activities trips, out-of-state/ out of country trips, etc.

The following guidelines and procedures, used in conjunction with District policy, will provide you with guidelines for conducting field trips and explain why it is important that you be fully aware of the responsibilities that you incur on a field trip.  Understanding these responsibilities will protect your students and could prevent lawsuits.

NBSIA Field Trip Guidelines and Procedures

NBSIA Recommended Field Trip Forms

The following guide is a sample and available for Property/Liability Program Members to use. If you would like it edited to include your organization’s information, please contact Heather Davidson:heatherd@nbsia.org or 707/428-1830 ext. 104

Sample Guide for Volunteers