Member Alerts

NBSIA Member Alerts are prepared by general counsel and are intended to provide a brief overview and guidance for our Members as important issues arise.  Corresponding forms where appropriate can be found on the Property/Liability Forms Bank section of the website. Suggested Board Policy/Administrative Regulation language where indicated is available via the Members Only section of the website. If you have any questions regarding the alerts posted below, please contact Janet Selby:

ACLU Student Cell Phone Privacy Guide (September 2011)

Automatic Dialing and Pre-Recorded Voicemails/Texts Alert (March 2016)

Background Checks for Employees and Volunteers (July 2014)

Bring Your Own Device & Personal Technology (November 2013)

Claim Presentation and Roster of Public Agencies Filing Requirement (April 2017)

Coaches' Alert: Current Issues in Athletics (July 2017)

Coaches' Alert: Current Issues in Athletics (June 2015)

Concussion Laws and Forms (December 2011)

Drones in Public Schools (November 2015)

Effective Use of Government Code Section 935 (March 2018)

Injectable Insulin (June 2010)

Marijuana, Alcohol, and Prescription Drugs in the Workplace (September 2017)

Medical Marijuana (June 2011)

On Campus Interviews and Searches (November 2011)

Physical Altercations (February 2012)

Pupil Records Alert (January 2013)

School Success and Opportunity Act (October 2013)

Social Media and Cyberbullying (May 2013)

Student Rights and Member Obligation Under the New Gender Law (October 2013)

Student Safety Considerations (September 2014)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Alert (July 2017)

Transgender Students-Facilities & Programs Member Alert (October 2016)

Vaccinations Alert (March 2016)

Vocational Education Programs (June 2015)

Workers' Compensation Coverage for Students (May 2015)

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